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NFL Picks Week 12: KC Chiefs At Seattle Seahawks A Tough Choice

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks game is one of the most difficult to predict if you believe the various NFL odds websites out there. The Chiefs range anywhere from one point favorites to one point underdogs.

Statistically the Chiefs are the better team across the board, by a long shot in some areas The Chiefs are an elite rushing team so that will be first and foremost the plan against the Seahawks on Sunday. The Chiefs have been pretty successful in nearly every game this year with the running attack so I imagine they'll continue that.

The Chiefs defense is also much better than the Seahawks offense which could be missing WR Mike Wililams, QB Matt Hasselbeck's favorite target. That would be a big blow to the Seahawks offense.

What Seattle does have going for it is home field. They're traditionally one of the better home crowds in the game and the Chiefs enter the game just 1-4 on the road. KC's last two-game road trip to Oakland and Denver resulted in two losses. Something is different when they go on the road and no one can quite say what it is.

The Chiefs right now are the better team and should walk away with this one, even in Seattle. I'll cautiously take the Chiefs by a field goal in this game but I imagine it's going to be very close either way.