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Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Talks Kansas City Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs will travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks on Sunday in a game that anyone isn't quite sure who will win. The Chiefs are favored by one point in some places but others say pick 'em. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll appeared on Sirius NFL Radio on Wednesday talking KC as his team prepares to host the Chiefs.

Carroll says QB Matt Cassel is having a solid year pointing out his TD:INT ratio. He says the Chiefs are asking Cassel to make a lot of difficult throws and do a lot of different things at QB and he's a good complement to the rest of the offense. He says Cassel's got quite a story coming from where he was to where he is now and also mentions that one of the last times Cassel was on the field at USC was recovering an onside kick as a tight end to beat UCLA.

Carroll says the running backs are "explosive", especially RB Jamaal Charles. He says Charles makes a ton of explosive runs and they can even go three running backs deep (WR/RB Dexter McCluster I assume) if they need to. He sounded like he knows the Chiefs plan to run it all day long if they can.

He says you can tell what the coaching staff thinks of TE Tony Moeaki because they consistently go to him and feature him as a receiver. Moeaki is suffering from a reported concussion in Week 10 against the Denver Broncos -- and missed Week 11 against the Arizona Cardinals -- so his status for the game is unknown right now.

He says Romeo Crennel is making great use of the personnel with a bunch of piece that fit together really well. He says they're versatile and they'll do a lot of different things. He was very complimentary of Crennel.

He says he couldn't get LB Tamba Hali on the recruiting trail years ago but he's a guy that you have to watch out for because he can make life pretty miserable. He says the Chiefs will line him up on both sides and fit him in wherever they can Carroll says it will be a good test for rookie LT Russell Okung.

He emphasized several times that things in KC "fit" really well together. He mentioned the coaching staff multiple times -- Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis and Bill Muir -- and said they're coached very well. He says both teams are battling to maintain first place in their division so it's like a championship matchup.

Overall Carroll was very complimentary of the Chiefs and said it will be a tough test for the Seahawks.

(H/T saskwatch)