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Colorado Vs. Nebraska: Looking For A Huskers Loss

The Missouri Tigers will face the Kansas Jayahwks in the Border War on Saturday but the day before, on Friday, it will be the Nebraska Cornhuskers hosting the Colorado Buffaloes. Believe it or not, the Nebraska game may be more important than the Missouri game (sort of).

Missouri and Nebraska are currently tied for the Big 12 North lead and the Huskers lead the Tigers in the tiebreaker. So in order for Mizzou to rep the North in the Big 12 Championship game, they need to start with a Nebraska loss. A Nebraska loss plus a Mizzou win, gets the Tigers into the Big 12 Championship game and a shot at a BCS game. A Nebraska victory spoils those hopes.

Mizzou's season started out with high expectations as they won seven consecutive games to start the season. A pair of losses to Nebraska and Texas Tech ended any big-time dreams Mizzou had this year but getting into the Big 12 Championship game would bring some of that 7-0 feeling back.

The chances Colorado can upset Nebraska? Not very good. The Huskers are 17 point favorites and they have one of the best defenses in college football. I can't envision how Colorado would beat Nebraska. A career game from the Buffs? Nebraska blows it? Nebraska fans blaming it on the refs either way?

The Tigers meanwhile are expected to roll all over Kansas either way. It would just be nice if the game really meant something. For a few more hours there's hope that Missouri's season can continue into the Big 12 Championship game. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the Huskers more than likely aren't going to be losing this game.