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BCS Rankings: Missouri Tigers Should Stay Ahead Of Nebraska Cornhuskers

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers will have a shot to lay claim to the Big 12 title but they're not even the second best Big 12 team. Or the third. Maybe the fourth. All of this is according to the BCS rankings which come out every week. Last week we saw the Oklahoma State Cowboys as the top ranked Big 12 team at No. 9 followed by the Oklahoma Sooners at No. 13, Missouri Tigers at No. 14, Nebraska Cornhuskers at No. 15 and Texas A&M Aggies at No. 17.

Mizzou was hoping for a Nebraska loss to the Colorado Buffaloes on Friday so they could have a chance to play for the Big 12 title. That didn't happen and it will be Nebraska reppin' the North in the title game. It is frustrating though that Missouri is a better team than Nebraska -- according to the BCS rankings -- yet they don't have an opportunity to play for the conference title. That's what happens when you walk into Lincoln and get thumped by those Huskers, as Mizzou did this year.

So where will the Tigers and Huskers ended up being ranked this week?

My guess is that they'll be about the same. The Tigers beat the Kansas Jayhawks by 28 points and  Nebraska handled Colorado. Neither opponent is particularly impressive so there's no reason to reward or punish either of them. They could move up several spots with Boise State, Oklahoma State and Alabama lost ahead of them.

Meanwhile Saturday night's Oklahoma and Oklahoma State game will cause a few shakeups in the BCS rankings. The Cowboys were ranked No. 9 which means they're going to tumble after losing their second game this year. The Sooners on the other hand will be rising as they were ranked No. 13. The Sooners victory caused a three-way victory in the Big 12 South with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M.

The BCS rankings will be released on Sunday afternoon. We're not sure where Mizzou, Nebraska and the rest of the Big 12 will be ranked but we're sure of one thing: Nebraska fans will complain about it.