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2010 Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M Aggies Accept Invite; What About Mizzou?

The Texas A&M Aggies were offered -- and accepted -- an invite to the 2011 Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium, according to reports. This is good news for the Aggies because they will travel well to the game. According to the report, Texas A&M is expected to make an official announcement soon.

This means that, no, the Missouri Tigers did not get an invite to the 2011 Cotton Bowl. You can't blame any but the system. It rewards teams like Texas A&M that will travel very well to the Cotton Bowl.

But there's no doubt Missouri can make a strong argument they deserve it. Both teams finished 6-2 in the conference, Missouri finished one game better than Texas A&M on the year at 10-2 (vs. 9-3) and most of all the Tigers beat the Aggies convincingly in a head-to-head matchup. That said, Texas A&M is hot right now coming off six consecutive victories. It's not like they're not worthy.

Again, it's not worth getting too upset over. Everyone knows hardly anyone likes the system. It's just the way it is. Missouri's best chance was probably playing against their border-rival Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl but that's not happening.

So who will Texas A&M be playing? Check out SB Nation Dallas for a few guesses.