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NFL Picks Week 9: Raiders Are 3-Point Favorites Over Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs will enter the Black Hole on Sunday to play the Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs enter the game as three point underdogs against their rival Raiders. The line seems slightly high but acceptable because, whether it's the Chiefs fault or not, they haven't consistently beat top teams. The Chiefs will play whoever's on their schedule -- so don't blame them -- but that's a reason they're still considered unproven.

I will confidently say the Chiefs are the better team in this game. They rush the ball better than the Raiders. In fact, they're the only team that rushes the ball better than the No. 2 ranked Oakland rush offense. They can stop the run and that's clearly the strength of the Raiders offense. Their special teams has been solid all year and they'll need it on Sunday against Shane Lechler, one of the top punters in the NFL.

So I do think the Chiefs are the better team. They've been beating teams that they should, like the Raiders. I suspect the Chiefs take this one again in Oakland. They haven't lost in Oakland in seven years so history is on their side.

My prediction for the game will be 24-16 in favor of the Chiefs.