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Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson Reportedly Has Contract Extension Coming

Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson did not look like part of Kansas City's future last year at this time. He wasn't getting much playing time despite his perceived talent and Todd Haley never really said much of anything as to why he wasn't playing.

Fast forward a year and there are folks who are bringing his name up when talking Pro Bowl. Heck, I saw a defensive MVP vote that included he and Tamba Hali as co-winners at the midseason. He's most definitely part of the solution now.

It appears the Chiefs want to keep him around for a while. Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reports a contract extension is coming for DJ.

An AFC West source tells me a nice contract extension is coming for Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson. He's not going anywhere.

Not sure when the Derrick Johnson extension will drop, but my AFC West source tells me it's in the works.

If that's the case then it's well-deserved. DJ has made a nice turnaround and is turning into an excellent player. For the Chiefs it's also good timing. When you have a player like DJ that is seemingly getting better every week, you better wrap him up as early as you can. If (or when) this gets done, then there are kudos to be passed around to both sides.