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BCS Rankings Watch: Oklahoma, Mizzou Fall; Nebraska Escapes With Win

The BCS standings will see a chance this week as they do every week. There were a handful of highly ranked teams that lost or nearly lost this weekend meaning a shakeup in the BCS rankings is coming.

As far as the Big 12 is concerned, the news of the weekend is that Nebraska all but has the North wrapped up. They're up one game on Missouri and hold the head-to-head tiebreaker so the Tigers would need two Husker losses. In other news, K-State dominated Texas on Saturday.

Mizzou's loss to Texas Tech knocks them out of any BCS conversations this year. There was some thought they could run the table in the regular season and pull a Kansas a la 2007 and sneak into a BCS game. That scenario won't be happening now.

Here are a few of the big games this week:

No. 12 Mizzou loses to Texas Tech. This is the one we care about in Kansas City. What a let down. The Tigers haven't looked themselves the last two weeks. This knocks them out of the BCS conversation.

Texas A&M takes down No. 8 Oklahoma. Now this is surprising. The Aggies beat the 8th ranked Sooners 33-19. Goes to show that it's not easy winning on the road. Oklahoma will join Mizzou as a two-loss team.

No. 10 LSU beats No. 6 Alabama. LSU is No. 10 and Alabama is No. 6 so this is a huge loss for Alabama. This moves them to the top of the two-loss teams.

No. 3 TCU dominates No. 5 Utah. TCU maintains their status as the No. 1 contender behind Oregon and Auburn. Utah was exposed losing 47-7.

No.16 Iowa comes back to beat Indiana. Iowa came up lucky here.