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Bo Pelini Press Conference: Will He Address Miami Head Coach Rumors?

Rumors surrounding Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini and the Miami Hurricanes head coaching job have been swirling for a few days and it has the potential to come to an end on Friday night. That's when Pelini will hold a news conference after the Huskers practice.

It's really pretty simple for Pelini. Are you interested in taking the Miami Hurricans head coach or not?

Asked about the reports that he has talked to Miami about the head coach job, Pelini declined to comment earlier this week. To many, that's a sign that, indeed, he's speaking with Miami.

If he wasn't talking with them, why wouldn't he say so?

Pelini's opportunity to crush these "rumors and innuendo" will come on Friday.

Of course even in Pelini says he's not interested in the job, we've learned over the years not to take anything head coaches say at face value. Remember Nick Saban? "I will not be the head coach of the Miami Dolphins." But Pelini can go a long way to quieting them on Friday night if he addresses it.

As we said, Pelini has not commented on the reports. One report said Pelini had been granted permission to speak with the Hurricanes but Nebraska AD Tom Osborne said Pelini hasn't addressed that with him and he hasn't issued any permission to speak to Miami.

So Friday night Pelini can clear it up.

Or he won't.