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Bo Pelini, Miami Head Coach Rumors: Follow The Money?

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini has been tied to the Miami Hurricanes head coaching job according to various South Florida reports. The reports say that Pelini has talked with Miami and is "in the mix" for the head coach job. When asked about it earlier this week, Pelini chose not to address it fueling rumors that he's interested.

These things often come down to money. Will Pelini follow the money? Who will pay him more? Via Omaha World-Herald:

Pelini makes more than $2 million at NU. The former Hurricane coach, Randy Shannon, was at $1.5 million. Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde wrote that former NFL coach Jon Gruden asked UM for a $3.4 million salary and $1 million for his brother, Jay, to become offensive coordinator. Hyde said the school had no problem with either. But that's Gruden money.

If that's Gruden money, then what's Pelini money? We're not sure. That's a key question, if this is about money. Pelini has to be happy about his pay at Nebraska but, as many people do, he may re-consider if there are better options. Clearly, though, the school has money to pay if they want to considering the offer Gruden reportedly had.

So, will Pelini follow the money?