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Bo Pelini On Miami Head Coach Job: 'Those Reports Are False'

The rumor mill has been in overdrive this week as Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini was being connected to the Miami Hurricanes head coach job. Two South Florida newspapers reported that there was some form of interest between Pelini and Miami. One said he was preparing to interview and that he was "in the mix" for the job.

When asked about it earlier this week, Pelini declined to comment on "rumors and innuendo" further speculation that something was up.

Now, Pelini has said, in no uncertain terms, that those reports are false:

“The reports that I am preparing to interview at Miami are false. I will not have any additional comment on this matter."

End of story? Sounds like it. Miami has also been connected to Jon Gruden, who later came out and said he was happy at his job with ESPN.

Nebraska keeps its coach and the Miami Hurricanes continue to look.