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Jamaal Charles 5-Year Contract Extension Pays $32.5 Million

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The Kansas City Chiefs have arguably the best young running back in the NFL in Jamaal Charles and now he's being rewarded for that. Charles, who is just 23 years old, signed a five year extension with the Chiefs. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, that will pay him $32.5 million with $13 million guaranteed.

Charles is the leading rusher on the team right now and on a yards per carry basis is the most effective running back in the NFL. He was drafted in 2008 when he signed a three year contract.

The contract appears to be solid for both sides, but especially the Chiefs, Charles will be just 29 years old when the contract expires and $32.5 million is a low number considering his rank in the NFL.

The Chiefs can now assume they'll be an effective running team for at least the next few years while Charles is around. Todd Haley has been splitting carries with Charles and Thomas Jones this year and, clearly, he had an eye on the future.

Excellent move for the Chiefs.