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NFL Playoff Picture: AFC West Up For Grabs With Chiefs-Chargers, Raiders-Jaguars

The NFL playoff picture is coming into focus and we'll gain a lot more clarity after Week 14. The AFC playoff picture, specifically, could have one major question answered after the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers game.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) vs. San Diego Chargers (6-6): A Chiefs victory puts them in total control in the final three games of the season and would put them as the heavy favorites to win the division. A Chiefs loss allows the Chargers and Raiders back into the conversation.

Oakland Raiders (6-6) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5): A Raiders victory keeps them in the playoff picture and makes their Week 17 matchup with the Chiefs even more meaningful. A Raiders loss makes it much more difficult for them to win the division. The Jaguars also have some playoff implications here as they're one game up on the Colts awaiting a showdown against Indy next week.

This is the biggest week yet in the AFC West and we can potentially gain some clarity after this week. A Chiefs victory answers a ton of questions about where the division is headed. A Chiefs loss and a Raiders victory creates a lot more questions as we go down the stretch.

The Chiefs basically need to win the division to get into the playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens (8-4) are hanging onto the final wildcard spot and the Chiefs would have a couple more losses on their resume if they were to be competing for the wildcard so winning the division is the way to get in for KC.