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NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Patriots, Falcons Remain Supreme; Chiefs Struggling

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons won on Sunday re-affirming that, indeed, these are the two best teams in football right now. Various NFL power rankings for Week 15 Though Atlanta is for real, I don't think they're on the same level as the Patriots right now, who are playing in 2007 form when they set NFL scoring records. After the Patriots, though, it's the Falcons, who have won seven in a row.

It's the Patriots and Falcons and then everyone else. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets are also among the tops in the AFC although the Jets are falling. A Ravens victory tonight puts them ahead of the Jets in the wildcard race.

The NFC has the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints competing for a playoff spot and they can all make a claim that they're a top 10 team in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers are a solid team as well but they're now 8-5. It's possible they don't even make the playoffs.

Then there's the Chefs who currently lead the AFC West. They're one game up on the San Diego Chargers with three more to play. The way they're playing right now, the Chargers are the better team. It's looking like the Chiefs will have to run the table to have a shot. The Chargers are playing like a top 10 team while most NFL power rankings have been holding the Chiefs out of the top 10 or right on the cusp. Sunday's loss won't help.