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Josh Selby May Not Start First Game For Kansas Jayhawks, Bill Self Says

The Kansas Jayhawks are preparing for a game against USC which Bill Self says will be one of the most anticipated home games in years for KU basketball. The reason: Josh Selby. The heralded freshman is making his season debut after sitting out the first nine games following an NCAA ruling.

Though he's expected to play a major role for KU this season he may not start in his first game, Bill Self says. Via

"He’s getting all the reps with the first group now," Self said of Selby’s work in practice. "I don’t think I’m going to start him, even though I don’t have a made-decision positively. But I don’t think I will (start Selby), because he has to beat somebody out. He needs to perform well in the games, not just practice, but he’s going to give us some scoring punch."

This is a good move by Self reiterating that he's one of five players on the court. With the hype surrounding Selby's debut, it could go a little "ridiculous", as Self says.

I think expectations should be tempered somewhat, not from a talent standpoint, just from the role we’ll have him play. He will be one of five. He will not be ‘the guy’ just like we won’t have ‘the guy’ this year. We haven’t really had ‘the guy’ when we’ve had our best teams here."