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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford Ready; Is Matt Cassel?

Every year the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams play yet it only means something every four years. Usually we see these two teams meeting in the preseason keeping up the Governor's Cup but this year the Chiefs and Rams will meet in the regular season at the Edward Jones Dome.

The past three years would suggest this December game would still be meaningless because both teams have been so miserable. The Chiefs have 10 wins in the three years prior to this while the Rams have just six -- going from three, two and culminating in one last year, which game them the top pick in the 2010 NFL draft and allowed them to select rookie QB Sam Bradford.

Here's a look at how the two teams matchup keeping in mind we're unsure of QB Matt Cassel's status.

Rams offense vs. Chiefs defense

Bradford's arrival is what has made this team go from laughingstock to potential division winner. I like the Chiefs in this game because I like the matchup of the Chiefs coaching staff against Bradford but this is not the walk-over some of us figured it would be at one point. The Rams are 6-7 and they can't be taken lightly.

The Rams are the 25th ranked scoring offense including 20th passing the ball and 19th rushing the ball. Their offense is very...average. Their receivers are non-existent outside of Danny Amendola which makes Bradford's rise all the more impressive.

There's no doubt where the Rams offense still comes from -- RB Steven Jackson. He moves this thing and if you want to stop the Rams then you stop Steven Jackson. This year he has 276 carries for 1,081 yards and four touchdowns. He can go off if you don't prepare for him and I can assure you the Chiefs are preparing for him.

I like the Chiefs defense matching up against the Rams because I think they can make them one-dimensional taking away either Bradford and the passing game or Steven Jackson.

Chiefs offense vs. Rams defense

The Chiefs game plan heading into this thing is no secret -- run the ball. Kansas City can expect to see a heavy dose of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. Unlike last week against the Chargers' fifth ranked run defense, I suspect Kansas City will be able to move it a little better.

The Rams defense is ranked 14th in the NFL in scoring while they are 21st against the pass and 12th against the run.

The Chiefs offense really can't be analyzed until we know Matt Cassel's status. If he plays, and he's effective, then the Chiefs offense should be successful against the Rams defense. If he doesn't play, then the Chiefs may be in trouble. I like the Chiefs offense against the Rams defense but, with the Cassel situation, this area is more of an unknown.