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USC Trojans Vs. Kansas Jayhawks: Josh Selby Debut Comes At Right Time

The Kansas Jayhawks will take the court at Allen Fieldhouse on Saturday morning to host the USC Trojans. KU basketball is expected to take care of business and continue their home winning streak. But there are a couple of things that make this game more unique than any other we've seen this year. Specifically, the departure of one player and the arrival of another will make this must-see TV.

First, Mario Little won't be on the floor. Little was arrested and later suspended by head coach Bill Self. He's been suspended indefinitely so we're not sure what his status is. He's a senior and a leader on the team so his absence will be felt. KU doesn't have that one definitive leader on the team so it'll be interesting to see how they react to his absence.

Second, did you hear it's Josh Selby day? Indeed the freshman, who was ineligible the first nine games of the season, will make his long awaited debut on Saturday morning. I can't tell you how excited people are over this. It's incredible. Bill Self said last week he thought it might be the most anticipated home game for Kansas in years. Years! This is a national title team a few years ago so they've played in meaningful games. A headline yesterday was that Selby was not going to wear a headband on the court.

Kansas is expected to cruise in this game and I imagine that'll be the case. Even if Selby is a flop this is still a team with the Morris brothers and some of their guards aren't too shabby.

This was a great team before Selby arrived. Now that he's here, how much better can KU get?