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Lions Tampering With Chiefs? KC Files Charges With NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs have filed a tampering charge against the Detroit Lions, according to Alex Marvez of Tampering is defined by the league office as: "any interference by a member club with the employer-employee relationship of another club or any attempt by a club to impermissably induce a person to seek employment with that club or with the NFL."

The report doesn't have any details on what the exact charge is but the report states that it's "believed" that Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham is mentioned in the charge. Cunningham of course was the Chiefs defensive coordinator before heading to Detroit.

One public quote from Cunningham could be involved:

"(Kansas City) keeps wanting to dump their players. I would like to be there to catch a lot of them because I know a couple of those guys," Cunningham told the Detroit Free Press in February.

Except after that quote came out, a league official told another Detroit paper that the comments hadn't registered on the league's radar.

The NFL, Chiefs and Lions all declined comment, according to the report.

If found guilty, the Lions could be fined or stripped of a draft pick.