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UNLV Vs. Kansas State: Wildcats Will Be Without Jacob Pullen, Curtis Kelly After Suspension

Now this is a surprise. Kansas State has suspended Jacob Pullen and and Curtis Kelly for an NCAA rules violation. The school announced both players had received impermissible benefits in the form of clothing at a local department store.

Pullen's suspension is for three games. Both players will miss Tuesday night's game at the Sprint Center.

Kansas State was a two-point favorite over UNLV but you've gotta wonder what happens after this news. Once you take away the conference preseason player of the year, your team is weakened no matter who you are. Kelly didn't play early in the season and Kansas State was able to weather the storm but losing both of them is a pretty big blow.

This is the only game where this could be a big problem because KSU should be able to handle UMKC and North Florida anyway.

One of Kansas State's strengths has been that they're deep so we'll see over the next three games if that's the case.