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UNLV Vs. Kansas State: Wildcats Replace Jacob Pullen, Curtis Kelly After Suspension

The Kansas State Wildcats announced Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly would be suspended for tonight's game against UNLV for receiving improper benefits in the form of clothing at a local department store Pullen's ban is for three games and Kelly's is undetermined.

How will Kansas State replace those two against UNLV?

In place of Pullen, the Wildcats started Nick Russell, who is averaging 10 minutes, four points and one rebound per game. Pullen was averaging 30 minutes, 16 points and four boards per game.

In place of Kelly, Jordan Henriquez-Roberts gets the start. He was averaging 13 minutes, four points and four boards per game. Kelly was averaging 21 minutes, 10 points and four boards per game.

UNLV is leading Kansas 12-7 five minutes into the game.