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Jacob Pullen, Curtis Kelly Suspension: Frank Martin Found Out After Florida Game

The Kansas State Wildcats announced about an hour before the UNLV game on Tuesday that Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly have been suspended for violating NCAA rules. Specifically, they were found to have received impermissible benefits in the form of clothing from a local department store.

The NCAA didn't make its official decision until about 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night, an hour before the UNLV game so that's why no one knew before then.

But head coach Frank Martin did know a storm was brewing. ESPN's Dan Shulman said during the broadcast of the UNLV game that Martin received an email addressed to him and athletic director John Currie after returning from the Florida game indicating something was going on. That was on Saturday. The NCAA had yet to make a decision at that point but both knew something was coming.

Kansas State found out on Monday they were both ruled ineligible but waited for the NCAA's final decision to be released on Tuesday night.