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Dick Vitale Says There Is 'No Way' Jacob Pullen Is An All-American After Suspension

Kansas State announced shortly before their game against UNLV Tuesday night that Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly had been suspended. Pullen's suspension is for three games and Kelly's is undetermined. They were found to have received impermissible benefits in the form of clothing from a local department store.

During ESPN's broadcast of the UNLV-Kansas State game, announcer Dick Vitale took a minute to address Pullen's situation.

The way Pullen has really played this year and the way he's handling himself now...there is no way he is an All-American. I'm telling you that right now unless he shapes up. It's still early in the season that he can change things. He'll get an opportunity since he'll be out three games.

I thought this was a little harsh, particularly the "unless he shapes up" comment. We don't know the details of the situation so I would be a little more cautious in judging him.

Besides, what the NCAA has shown is that they're anything but predictable when it comes to suspensions. In light of the Cam Newton situation, maybe it would have been better for Pullen to ask for cash instead of a discount on clothing.

(Update: We're not saying Dickie V. doesn't like Pullen. He was very complimentary of him throughout the rest of the game. This particular comment just stood out to us.]