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Jacob Pullen, Curtis Kelly Suspension Details

There aren't many details of the suspensions handed down to Kansas State Wildcats basketball players Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly other than "impermissible benefits in the form of clothing at a local department store." So it sounds like they got a discount because they play for K-State.

The NCAA has made its ruling on Pullen, who will be suspended three games. But what about Kelly? His suspension has yet to be determined and it seems possible he could get longer. Kellis Robinett of the Kansas City Star reports:

The clothing Pullen and Kelly took from the store exceeded the value of the merchandise paid for. The difference in value is the impermissible benefit. Pullen’s suspension is specific because K-State has learned the value of his improper benefit. The sources said Kelly’s merchandise value was larger and is still being determined.

Though the NCAA has no consistency in levying punishments, you would think Kelly's suspension could be longer if he got a bigger discount at the store. It's also possible the NCAA doesn't do anything more because, well, it's the NCAA.

Kansas State is 0-1 during the suspension losing on Tuesday night to UNLV.