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Frank Martin Press Conference: Kansas State Coach Not Happy After Loss

The Kansas State Wildcats lost to UNLV on Tuesday night at Kansas City's Sprint Center but the story of the game was obviously the suspension of Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly announced an hour before tipoff. Following the game, K-State head coach Frank Martin understandably had some questions about Pullen and Kelly...but didn't want to talk about it.

So why are you asking? I'm not speaking about people that are not here today.

Martin went on to say what he's been saying a lot lately -- K-State doesn't have a real leader on the team and they're immature at this point.

"We are immature. Somewhere along the lines our guys think that you can win basketball games without passing the basketball. We had six assists and 23 turnovers and all 23 were non-aggressive turnovers. It is frustrating to watch. We battled and fought and it was nice but now we had them on their heels and we have to play. They got a baseline drive and then we cut it to one. Dead-charge and Rodney (McGruder) got out of the way. And they got a three-point play. That is not a winning play and we have got to make winning plays."

Martin has been swinging that hammer for a few weeks now and the suspensions of Pullen and Kelly won't help him in that regard.