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Kansas City Chiefs Face Another Must-Win Against Tennessee Titans

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The Tennessee Titans will visit the Kansas City Chiefs in a game that has playoff implication -- for one team, at least. The Chiefs are 9-5 and leading the AFC West over the San Diego Chargers by one game. This isn't an elimination game for the Chiefs -- the Chargers still go on the road to the Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos -- but in reality the Chiefs probably need to win this to secure a playoff spot.

There are a few reasons the Chiefs are favored in this game.

Homefield advantage: The Chiefs are 6-0 at home and the Titans are 3-3 on the road. Tennessee is coming off of three straight home games so they haven't gone on the road in a month. This could factor in for the Titans. The Chiefs, for whatever reason, seem to elevate their game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Injuries: The Chiefs will be very healthy against the Titans this week. The first injury report will come out Wednesday afternoon and the Chiefs may have only a couple of name on there, if any. The Titans are playing with QB Kerry Collins after QB Vince Young went down for the season.

Momentum: The Chiefs have won four of their last five games while the Titans have lost six of their last seven. Tennessee won last week after dropping six in a row so it remains to be seen what kind of momentum they have. The Chiefs have plenty of momentum as it seems most everyone has forgotten the blowout in San Diego two weeks ago.

Something to play for: The Chiefs have something to play for in this game -- a playoff spot. If the Chargers lose, the Chiefs could win the division this weekend. The Titans are out and have nothing to play for so they may be inclined to play some backups or get a look at guys for next year.