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Marcus Morris Ejected And Josh Selby Stars As Kansas Beats Cal, 78-63

It was close at times -- maybe a little too close -- but the Kansas Jayhawks leave Berkeley with a 78-63 victory over the California Bears. The intensity in this game wasn't what you thought it would be. It's mid-December but both these teams were treating it like the Final Four. Elbows were being thrown, a little extra shove here or there and even a punch made its way into the game.

The big news of the night is Marcus Morris who was ejected for intentionally throwing an elbow at a Cal player. Replays made it look like he connected on the elbow and he was ejected by the refs. There were a couple other scuffles, and three technical fouls and a flagrant foul, that necessitated referee intervention and it seemed like there was some bad blood between these guys.

Markieff Morris overcame the ejection of Marcus and picked up the slack scoring 21 points and 10 rebounds. Josh Selby is still a focal point and he added 18 points in his second career college basketball game. He scored 21 points in his first game.

Kansas allowed Cal to get back into midway through the second half after exiting halftime with an eight point lead. Eventually though they were able to pull away.

They were missing arguably their best player in Marcus Morris and still go to Cal and win by 15 points. Kansas moves to 11-0 on the season as the third ranked team in the country.

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