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NFL Picks: Chiefs Expected To Beat Titans

The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to beat the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, according to NFL odds. The Chiefs are five point favorites over the Titans and in some ways I can see why. The Chiefs are 6-0 at home and have won four of their last five games while the Titans are 5-8 on the year and losers of six of their last seven. Here's a look at the game:

Chiefs offense vs. Titans defense: I like the Chiefs with their rushing game. I'll expect the Chiefs to have another big day on the ground until I'm proven otherwise. The Chiefs passing game should be better with Matt Cassel another week removed from an appendectomy. Dwayne Bowe will be going up against Cortland Finnegan, one of the most physical corners in the league. I like the Chiefs here but the Titans aren't a bunch of slouches.

Chiefs defense vs. Titans offense: I like the Chiefs defense here as well. The Titans offense starts and stops with Chris Johnson so the Chiefs have something to focus on. If they can stop him, they're going to make this team a little more one dimensional. That said, they have a couple of deep threats in Kenny Britt and Randy Moss (kind of). This is a good defense but one the Chiefs can break down as long as they don't give up big plays.

I'm liking the Chiefs as five point favorites. I feel they're the better team, they have more momentum, they have something to play for and they're playing at home. There are plenty of reasons the Chiefs will win this game.

My prediction would be 24-17 Chiefs.