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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders Still In AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of three teams still alive in the AFC West playoff race. The Chiefs, for the first time all year, are Vegas favorites to win the division. The Chiefs are in first place at 9-5, the San Diego Chargers in second place at 8-6 and the Oakland Raiders in third place at 7-7.

How to eliminate the Raiders -- Win. It's a simple as that. The Chiefs can eliminate the Raiders with a loss because they're two games behind with two more to play. The Raiders can also eliminate themselves with a loss. They're hosting the Indianapolis Colts.

How to eliminate the Chargers -- Win and a Chargers loss. If the Chiefs beat the Titans and the Chargers lose to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Chiefs would clinch the AFC West. The Chargers hold a few key tiebreakers over the Chiefs so they would win a lot of ties.

How to eliminate the Chiefs -- Can't happen. The Chiefs can lose control of their own destiny today but they can't be eliminated.

So best case scenario for the Chiefs is beating the Titans at noon and then turning around and watching the Bengals beat the Chargers in the late game. The Chargers are heavy favorites over the Bengals, though.

The big thing for the Chiefs is is controlling their own destiny. No matter what else happens, they can control their future with a victory over the Titans.