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Curtis Kelly Suspension Will Be Six Games For Kansas State Wildcats

Last week we were shocked to hear that two Kansas State Wildcats basketball players -- Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly -- had been suspended for accepting impermissible benefits violating NCAA rules. Pullen's suspension was announced at three games which likely means he accepted $100 to $300 in benefits, said to be from a local department store, because three games is 10 percent of KSU's season.

The length of Kelly's suspension wasn't announced until Tuesday morning as K-State says now that Kelly will be suspended for six games, which would indicate the impermissible benefits involving him were $300 to $500. He'll miss about 20 percent of the season with this suspension.

So that means Pullen has already missed games against UNLV and UMKC and will miss a December 31 game against North Florida.

Kelly will miss all three of those games and games against Savannah State, Oklahoma State (away) and Colorado. He'll return for the Texas Tech game on January 15.

So they'll both be back soon and Kansas State will survive but it's a hiccup in a season that's already had a few hiccups.

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