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Kansas Jayhawks' Marcus Morris Loses Starting Job, Bill Self Says

Last week against Cal, Kansas Jayhawks big man Marcus Morris was ejected for throwing an elbow. Replays (and the referees) caught Morris throwing an elbow at a Cal player knocking him to the ground. There wasn't any doubt that Morris' elbow was intentional.

Following the game, Bill Self said Morris "got exactly what he deserved" by getting ejected and he was clearly unhappy with the situation. Morris spoke with reporters on Tuesday and called it a "mental mistake" and said Self had told him can not do that.

Self has now announced Morris will not be starting against UT Arlington on Wednesday night. Instead it'll be Thomas Robinson taking his spot. Self wasn't clear when asked how long Morris would be coming off the bench.

Kansas can recover from this but I think Self is taking the right move by disciplining him. Morris has apologized and it doesn't seem like his style to do stuff like that but Self still needs to do something and I think losing his starting job (for now) is a good call.

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