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New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Kansas State Vs. Syracuse

The Kansas State Wildcats will meet the Syracuse Orange in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York City's Yankee Stadium on Thursday afternoon (kickoff at 2:22 p.m. central). Here's what people are saying about the game;

New Era Pinstripe Bowl features storied matchup
The two universities first met at the Fiesta Bowl in 1997, when Kansas State proceeded to a comfortable, 35-18 victory. They then combated again at the bowl in 2001, where Syracuse returned the favor, 26-3. Yankee Stadium would seem the perfect place for Syracuse-Kansas State III, an Ali-Frazier-like rubber match pitting two evenly matched squads, bent on coming away triumphant.

Pinstripe Bowl, Syracuse Vs. Kansas State: Yankee Stadium Goes Bowling -
Snyder led the Cats to 11 straight bowls and four straight 11-win seasons before a couple of down years led to Ron Prince's illustrious campaign. After Prince had righted the program with a pair of near-winning seasons, it took Snyder just two years in his second tenure to reach the Pinstripe. And here we are, Snyder's first bowl since the 2003 Fiesta.

2010 pinstripe bowl preview - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
WHY WATCH: For all the action in baseball stadiums this year, the Big 12 hasn't been affected by it yet. The allure and novelty of playing at new Yankee Stadium is a bit new for us folks in Flyover Country, and hosting a bowl is new for the folks at Yankee Stadium, who haven't done so since the 1962 Gotham Bowl.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl, Gameday Stream: Syracuse, Kansas State Meet At A Field Of Dreams - SB Nation New York
By now, you've probably listened to all the sarcastic talking heads, who say how great of a "reward" it must be to be playing in a cold-weather city that just had over two feet of snow dumped on it during the week-long Pinstripe Bowl festivities; and made it such a hassle for the participants to travel -- Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has something to say to those critics. Non-baseball fans will ask, "why the heck are you playing a football game in a billion-dollar baseball stadium?"

At Kansas State, every bowl game is precious -
"If you’re a team like we were when we started out," Snyder said, "and you can go … to a bowl game, where that can stair-step you, and the value of what that means to your program, … tells me that if they had 100 bowls, it would probably be of value to an awful lot of football teams."

Pinstripe Bowl has bright lights, big city
"I'm from a small town and a lot of other guys on the team are, as well," said Coffman, a senior, whose team will play Syracuse in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium Thursday. Aside from trips to Big 12 games, he added, "Most of the kids haven't been out of the state of Kansas before. The lights, the big buildings, it's all pretty impressive to us."