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Predictions, Odds: Oregon-Oregon State, Auburn-South Carolina, Nebraska-Oklahoma

We've got a few significant college football games that will impact the BCS Championship 2011 games. First off, obviously is Oregon vs. Oregon State, and then Auburn vs. South Carolina and then Nebraska vs. Oklahoma. Here are the odds and some predictions on each game.

Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers: Oregon enters this game as a 17-point favorite. We've seen wild lines with the Ducks this year ranging from 40-plus points to just a couple of touchdowns like this game. It's hard to pick against Oregon at this point. They're undefeated to this point, no one has shown they can consistently stop their offense and the national championship for college football in 2011 is on the line. Look for Oregon to take this game. That offense is just too good. Prediction: Oregon 40 Oregon State 27

SEC Championship game 2010, Auburn Tigers vs. South Carolina Gamecocks: This is another huge, huge game. Auburn, like Oregon, is looking to clinch a game in the BCS Championship game. A win and they'll do that. Even the worst case scenario -- an Auburn loss -- and they'd still likely end up in a BCS bowl game. But Auburn remembers going 13-0 a few years ago and not getting a BCS championship game berth so they'll be motivated by hearing they're only a 4.5 point favorite. With Cam Newton, I think Auburn rolls in this game. Prediction: Auburn 34 South Carolina 17

Big 12 Championship game 2010, Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners are four point favorites but each side has a lot of motivation to win this game. For Oklahoma, they've got the entire Big 12 conference behind them. It seems that everyone wants to send Nebraska out of the Big 12 as losers. For Nebraska, they're going up against the world when they play the Sooners so that could be some motivation on their part. Ultimately, I'm taking the Sooners here. Prediction: Oklahoma 24 Nebraska 20