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Bowl Projections: Nebraska Cornhuskers To Alamo Or Insight Bowl?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers lost the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday night to the Oklahoma Sooners. It moved Nebraska to 10-3 on the season as they prepare for their next challenge: a bowl game. With Oklahoma's win, the Sooners will take the Big 12's BCS bid (Fiesta Bowl). Texas A&M has already accepted a Cotton Bowl bid.

So that leaves a couple of options for Nebraska.

First, the Alamo Bowl. They're going to be deciding between Nebraska, Oklahoma State Cowboys or the Missouri Tigers. Missouri's got the least shot to get it while I can see Nebraska or Oklahoma State getting it. OSU may be able to draw more fans to this game, which is part of the invitation formula, so I'll lean to OSU getting this.

Second, the Insight Bowl. This now comes down to Nebraska and Missouri. Just like years of football, Nebraska wins out on this one. I think the Huskers can end up here if it comes down to Mizzou and Nebraska. Nebraska's fan base is bigger and they travel better and may be a better team.

Third, the Holiday Bowl. This is where Mizzou will be more than likely.


It's been a really cool year in the Big 12 because you have no elite teams but five really good teams -- Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M.