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NFL Flex Schedule, Week 15: Packers-Patriots Remains On Sunday Night Football

As expected, there are no changes to the NFL flex schedule in Week 15. The Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots were scheduled to play on Sunday Night Football that evening and that's where they'll stay. Considering each is arguably in the top two in their conference, it makes sense.

The Kansas City Chiefs didn't have much of an option for a flex schedule that week as they head to St. Louis to play the Rams. The Chiefs are leading the AFC West at 8-4 by two games while the Rams are tied atop the NFC West with the Seattle Seahawks. While that game will have major divisional implications, it can't hold a candle to Packers-Patriots.

Other great games that week that could have been a consideration to get flexed if it weren't for the Packers-Patriots matchup include the New Orleans Saints vs. Baltimore Ravens. That game would feature two of the top five teams from each conference. Another excellent game that week with huge NFC East implications is the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants, which could decide the division as both teams are tied at 8-4 right now. The third game I'd consider to have moved is the New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. If you like great defense, then this could be the game of the year for you.

So no changes in Week 15 for the flex schedule and that's probably a good thing with Packers-Patriots shaping up to be a big time game.