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Frank Martin On Kansas State: 'I Feel Like We're In Neutral'

Kansas State head coach Frank Martin and the Wildcats walked away on Tuesday night with a 34-point victory over Alcorn State, 89-55. Following the game, Martin again said he didn't feel his team played the way they could, perhaps challenging them as the season moves on.

"I think that I have been around here long enough where you guys know some of the things that are important to me. Guys are not excited about playing. They practiced their tails of yesterday, they were great in practice. Then we started the game, we were pretty good for the first three or four minutes of the game, and then we just go into lulls. You get to play 30-some games a year if you are lucky. If you cannot get excited about competing at your ultimate, best level 30-some times a year, you are going to have a hard life.

"I just do not understand it. We have been battling with this team from day one. We will keep battling to make us grow in that department. Right now I feel like we are in neutral. It almost cost us a game a couple of nights ago, because of that same energy level in someone else’s building, and all of the sudden we just go into a funk. I do not get it."

Martin talked to the players at halftime and, according to Jamar Samuels, told them they weren't playing hard, and Samuels agreed.

34-point victory and there are still a lot of improvements to come, huh? I agree K-State has its issues but obviously K-State's effort is strong enough at this point. They're now 8-1 on the season with the only loss to No. 1 Duke. That's not a bad early resume.

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