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MLB Winter Meetings 2010: Trade Rumors Include Kansas City Royals' Zack Greinke

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The 2010 MLB winter meetings are beginning and in Kansas City the trade rumors will be focused on Royals ace Zack Greinke. We've heard the Toronto Blue Jays are interested, along with the Milwaukee Brewers and of course the New York Yankees, among other teams. We're not sure who the leader in the clubhouse is at this point -- or if the Royals are even considering a trade at this point -- but expect plenty of trade rumors to be cropping up.

Will McDonald of Royals Review doesn't think a Greinke trade makes a ton of sense right now while others say they should dump him now. We'll see how it all shakes out. Be sure to stick with Royals Review throughout the week for coverage of the winter meetings. Also, be sure to check out this winter meetings primer from

Here's what people are saying about the Zack Greinke trade rumors now:

Royals Review - For Kansas City Royals Fans
The idea that Moore would trade Greinke before the Cliff Lee sweepstakes shakes out also seems odd, but then again, this is Dayton Moore we're talking about. In season, the moves never come fast enough, off season, there's never any wait. So we'll see.

Winter wonder: Will these five players move at meetings? -
The Royals don't have to trade Greinke. They've got him locked up for two more years. Yet, he has expressed interest in joining a contender, and just about everyone in baseball wants him. The Toronto Blue Jays have been most aggressive. The Minnesota Twins say they would love to have him. The Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals are interested too.

Baseball's winter meetings offer one-stop shopping -
Former Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke is also a trade candidate, but the Kansas City Royals would likely demand an extraordinary package of prospects in return. What makes Greinke particularly attractive is that he is 27 and under contract for two more years at a reasonable $13.5 million per season. Greinke has a no-trade list that includes 15 teams. The Texas Rangers are among the teams that are interested. The same could be true of the Yankees, but Greinke's well-chronicled social anxiety disorder could prevent a move to the country's largest media market.

Royals' Greinke ready to go anywhere - Scoop Du Jour - MLB  - Yahoo! Sports
One place Greinke could be headed, notes, is to the Toronto Blue Jays, who just traded Shaun Marcum(notes) out of its rotation. The Jays have contacted the Royals to discuss a possible deal.

Trade Market Heats Up for Greinke
Moore, meanwhile, cautions a willingness to entertain offers should not be misinterpreted as a desire to trade his ace. Manager Ned Yost said he expects Greinke to be the club’s starter for the 2011 season opener against the Angels. The steady drumbeat from all club officials, in fact, is any deal must provide a mega-return in talent similar to the bounty Texas reaped in 2007 by sending Mark Teixeira to Atlanta. The Rangers netted shortstop Elvis Andrus and reliever Neftali Feliz as part of that seven-player deal. "For us, when you look at Zack Greinke," Moore said, "you need some immediate help at the major-league level to help stabilize you, and you need future impact. It’s a rare combination."