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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Chiefs Are 5th Best Team In AFC Behind Patriots, Steelers, Jets And Ravens

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 8-4 and hold the only two-game lead over the division in all of the NFL and are a consideration for top 10 in the various NFL power rankings for Week 14. They've won three in a row and they've done it with offense and they've done it with defense. They've won in a blowout and they've won in a tight game. They've shown they can win a lot of ways and their strength -- running the football -- is something they do better than any team in the league.

After the New England Patriots embarrassed the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, New England established themselves as not only the class of the AFC, but the NFL. They're the best and they proved it.

After New England, the AFC's best includes some variation of these teams -- Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and the Jets. Following those four?

It's gotta be the 8-4 KC Chiefs. The 7-5 Jacksonville Jaguars and 6-6 Indianapolis Colts could be candidates here but the Chiefs have beaten the Jaguars and hold a two-game lead over the Colts.

So I'm fairly certain the Kansas City has the fifth best team in the conference. If the NFL playoff seeds matter, then Kansas City is the third best team. The Chiefs currently hold the No. 3 seed in the AFC behind the Patriots and Steelers. If the playoffs started today, they'd be hosting the Ravens.

NFL power rankings are starting to recognize the Chiefs and, as we get further into the season, KC is proving them right with a top 10 ranking.