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New Orleans Hornets Sale: Kansas City Mayor Has Talked To NBA

The Kansas City Hornets?

That's a big leap and we're still incredibly early in the process but Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser has had discussions with the NBA about bringing a team to Kansas City, he tells KMBZ News in Kansas City. Of course this comes on the heels of the news that the New Orleans Hornets are being taken over by the league and could potentially be relocated.

So what do we make of Funkhouser's latest news?

Frankly, I'm not quite sure, but I do know you can't take at face value anything a politician says. Obviously bringing a team to Kansas City, or trying to bring a team to Kansas City, would sit very well with some people in the city. Perhaps Funkhouser is looking to capitalize on that by attaching his name to it. Who knows.

Sam Mellinger of the KC Star wrote on Wednesday that he has talked to sources of four of the wealthiest Kansas City families and they aren't interested at this time. Funkhouser suggests there could be local ownership interest.

Is this a political move on Funkhouser's part? Or is there truth to the idea that this is somehow possible?