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Melky Cabrera Reportedly Signs With Kansas City Royals During MLB Winter Meetings

The Kansas City Royals are at MLB's Winter Meetings and while much of the discussion surrounds pitcher Zack Greinke, GM Dayton Moore has an entire roster to fill. Moore acquired Jeff Francoeur on Wednesday and now word comes out of that the Royals have signed Melky Cabrera.

Melky Cabrera agreed with Kansas City 1 year $1.25 millions, plus 250K incentives. Pending physical.

The reaction from Will McDonald of Royals Review: "Oh God."

Cabrera's defensive numbers are all over the place, but like Francoeur, there's some vague overall notion that he's probably passable aglove. Expect Yost to call him "the best in the business" tomorrow. Cabrera, one of five hundred CFs brought in by Atlanta in the last few years to replace Andruw Jones, played all three OF positions mostly equally last season. Expect the Royals to slot him in at wherever he's worst.

He's had a history with poor conditioning but, on the bright side, that's something you can control. That's not (necessarily) a knock on his talent.

The entire reaction from Will McDonald of Royals Review is worth your time.