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Bo Pelini And Miami Head Coaching Job? Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Hmm...Bo Pelini to Miami? No. Well, at least not right now but there are indications something may be brewing. On Wednesday the Miami Herald issued a report on potential head coach candidates for the Miami Hurricanes job. Per the Miami Herald:

According to a UM source, Hocutt also plans to speak with Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, who was granted permission by Nebraska to pursue the job. According to another source, Pelini has shown mixed signals, at some points expressing interest and at other points conveying reservations.
That was on Wednesday and it said the Miami AD "plans" to speak to Pelini. It also states he was "granted permission" to speak with Miami. Nebraska AD Tom Osborne said this week that he did not grant Pelini permission to seek the job.
"Bo's never talked to me about anything like that," Osborne said. "If he got permission (to talk to Miami), he didn't get it from me."
Pelini was also asked about the report and he said he sought no such permission but chose not to address the rest of the report:
"I don't address rumor and innuendo," Pelini said.
Pelini did say, though that he had not sought permission from anyone to speak to another school.

If Pelini was interested in debunking these rumors -- which if he wasn't interested in the job he would be -- then he would simply say, "No I am not a candidate for that job and I have no interest in leaving Nebraska right now." Instead he chose not to address that.

Is there any significance in that? We're not sure.

But it's worth mentioning that another South Florida newspaper -- Sun-Sentinel -- now claims that Pelini talked to Miami.
Nebraska coach Bo Pelini has spoken to University of Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt about the Hurricanes' coaching job but has not been offered it, two people with knowledge of the search told the Sun Sentinel on Thursday.

"He is in the mix," one of the sources said.
This one's pretty simple. If Pelini has no interest, he should say so. By not saying anything -- like his non-comment -- then he's giving credence to the rumors. If he's not interested in Miami, why doesn't he just say so?