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Clark Hunt Supports A Kansas City Super Bowl

Back in 2006, Kansas City was faced with the prospect of hosting the 2015 Super Bowl. In an unprecedented move, then Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, guaranteed Kansas City the 2015 Super Bowl.

If they put on a rolling roof.

You know the story from there. The ballot initiative failed and Kansas City didn't get a rolling roof.

With the recent awarding of the 2014 Super Bowl to New York -- a cold-weather city without a dome -- the issue is coming back to Kansas City.

SB Nation's Arrowhead Pride received a statement from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt regarding the possibility of a Kansas City Super Bowl.

"We would certainly be interested in hosting a Super Bowl at Arrowhead. What a tremendous opportunity to showcase Kansas City, and celebrate my father's special association with the game. Kansas City would be a terrific host community for the NFL's premiere event."

Will they pursue it is the next question.