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Missouri Officials 'Clearly Bothered By Perception They Started Big 12 Chaos'

Missouri officials, including Chancellor Brady Deaton and System President Gary Forsee, had a few non-breaking comments on the Big 12 and Big Ten expansion situations currently unfolding.

One comment that struck me was that both officials were "clearly bothered" by the fact that quite a few folks are under the impression that MU started this mess.

Did they? Depends on your interpretation. We'll dive into that once we figure out what will or will not happen with the Big -12

Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune was there to capture what both Missouri officials had to say.

MU Chancellor Deaton just met with reporters, nothing of great substance, clearly bothered by perception that MU started Big 12 chaos

Chancellor Deaton on anti-Mizzou slant coming from Big 12 South land: "Gosh, I would never begin to try and explain that."

Any clarity for MU by tomorrow? Deaton: "That would be something I’d be afraid to say given all we’re hearing on a moment-to-moment basis."

UM System Prez Gary Forsee on Big 12: "I don't think we have to justify our loyalty. That's been in place for 104 years."

Nothing ground breaking but interesting nonetheless.

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