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Turner Gill And Bill Self Address Lew Perkins's Retirement Announcement

J. Brady McCollough of the Kansas City Star has posted statements from Kansas’s head football coach, Turner Gill, and head basketball coach, Bill Self, in response to the announcement that Athletic Director Lew Perkins has decided to retire in September 2011.

"I am saddened and I love him," Gill said in a statement. "His leaving doesn’t affect the vision our staff has for our football program. We are here to build relationships with our fans, alumni and everyone associated with the university and to bring excellence to our football program."

Self told the Star that his Thursday afternoon meeting with Perkins started with Perkins entering his office and closing the door.

"Usually, when he walks in and shuts the door, that’s not a good sign for me," Self said. "I said, ‘Is it over?’ I was referring to what’s going on with the league, good news or bad news. He said, ‘I’m retiring.’ I said, ‘Come on.’ He went into it. He is in good spirits, from my perspective. I think he has a peace about it."

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