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Door For Kansas To The Pac-10 Remains Open

Just last week, it was Missouri going to the Big 10 and Kansas being basically screwed. Today, the tables may be turning.

Chip Brown of is reporting that there may be hope for KU after all and it all comes down to Texas A&M.

Texas A&M, a Pac-10 target, told Texas officials Thursday they want more time to explore options, including possibly joining the SEC.

If Texas A&M takes too long to join others from B12 South in Pac-10, the Aggies could be "put on the clock" and lose invite to Utah or KU.

Right now, the SEC is more lucrative than the Pac-10. Will it be in the future? We're not sure but the "safe" route may be take the SEC offer if it's there.

And if A&M bites on the SEC, the door would remain open for Kansas.

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