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Big 12 Commissioner: Big Ten Not Interested In Any More Big 12 Schools

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Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe said on Friday that "it was his understanding" that the Big Ten was not interested in any more Big 12 schools as it concerns expansion.

This would be awful news for Missouri, who has yet to land in a new conference once the Big 12 crumbles with four Big 12 South schools soon jumping to the Pac-10. Missouri would really be in trouble finding a new conference -- the Big East maybe? -- and their next step would be an unknown.

The good news for Mizzou fans who want an invite to the Big Ten: This is Dan Beebe we're talking about.

This is the man responsible for essentially the destruction of the Big 12. The man responsible for TV deals that run seven years into the future and are worth pennies compared to other major conferences. He's the commissioner of the conference, so he should know but he's made so many mistakes throughout this process that past history has clearly demonstrated you can not take him at his word.

The future certainly isn't bright, Mizzou fans, but don't take Dan Beebe's word for it.