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Bud Selig Will Be In Town Wednesday To Award Kansas City 2012 MLB All-Star Game

Kauffman Stadium better put its best suit: The MLB All-Star Game is coming to town.

In a story the Kansas City Star first reported last July, Commissioner Bud Selig will be in town Wednesday to formally award Kansas City the 2012 MLB All-Star Game.

Major League Baseball promised Kansas City an All-Star Game if it passed the major renovations to Kauffman Stadium that opened last year. It will be an international showcase of Kansas City, so city and Royals officials have long been deep into logistics such as transportation and entertainment.

Why is this a big deal to Kansas Citians?

Because the impact is expected to be $65 million pumped into the city. Over 15,000 fans are expected to travel from out of town -- get those hotel rooms ready! --and 2,500 media members.

Kansas City had a failed ballot initiative in 2006 that would have guaranteed them the 2015 Super Bowl pending the passage of a rolling roof. Of course, the roof did not pass and no Super Bowl was awarded.

This will be the first major sporting event in Kansas City since the 1988 Final Four.