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Mountain West Conference Shifts Focus To Missouri, Kansas

This is probably the news that Missouri and Kansas fans wanted to hear as a last resort. The Mountain West Conference has apparently come calling.

Mac Engel of the Forth Worst Star-Telegram reports the MWC -- in an effort to raise its national profile and secure an automatic BCS-bid -- is setting its sights on Big 12 leftovers Kansas and Missouri. Per the report, Kansas State would be an option but Baylor would not.

There have been discussions and scenarios involving 12, 14 or 16 schools in the MWC, conference championship games and more. It all depends on whether teams such as Missouri, Kansas and the others can't find a conference they like better.

Adding Kansas or Missouri would only further enhance the MWC's attempt to earn an automatic BCS bid.

It's possible Kansas and Missouri are hoping for an invite to a bigger conference. Missouri likely hopes to somehow secure a Big Ten bid while Kansas has been connected to the Pac-10 as a possibility. Other rumors are floating around connecting those schools to just about every conference in the country.

The MWC rumor was what we've been hearing with Kansas and Missouri. They want to be the next BCS conference and securing Kansas and Missouri would be a big step in doing so.