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Dan Beebe Makes Big Promises In Last Ditch Effort To Save Big 12

Well, maybe the Big 12 isn't quite dead yet.

According to Chip Brown of, Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe is making assurances to the Big 12 South schools reportedly being recruited by the Pac-10 that they can reach $17 million per year in the next TV deal.

The TV deal -- which pays about less than half of the Big Ten -- is a major point of contention in these realignment talk and $17 million per year, per school, is comparable to the SEC.

Brown runs down "The Beebe Plan" to save the Big 12:

  • Upping the next TV deal to $17 million per year
  • Keeping the Big 12 at 10 teams
  • Dumping the Big 12 Championship game
  • Individual schools could pursue their own TV networks

That last one is key. Remember, the future of the Big 12 is essentially in Texas' hands at this point. A goal of theirs, according to Brown, has been to run their own TV network. The Beebe Plan would allow them to do so.

How is the rest of the Big 12 reacting to The Beebe Plan?

One top executive in the Big 12 told Sunday "the plan is a longshot, but at least it's a shot."