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Losing Big 12 Championship Game 'No Big Deal' To Texas, Oklahoma

As you all know, Texas essentially holds the fate of the Big 12 in their hands. Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe has constructed a plan to try and save the conference with the 10 remaining teams. Part of Beebe's plan would include dumping the Big 12 Championship game.

Since it's a money-maker, logic says schools would be opposed to losing the game. However, Chip Brown of passes along this nugget:

A Big 12 AD says Mack Brown and Bob Stoops have opposed the B12 title game and rest of the league would be happy to dump it.

Interesting. Keeping Texas happy should be the number one goal in Beebe's plan and this would appear to do so.

The NCAA requires 12 teams for a championship game (thus the Big Ten getting Nebraska) so without any additions, a championship game wouldn't even be possible.