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Pac-10 Commissioner Flying Into Kansas City Sunday Night?

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk has been all over the Pac-10 story and they continue with this nugget of information: The plane that's been used by the Pac-10 Commissioner the past couple of weeks is scheduled to leave Austin, Texas, on Sunday at 8:10 p.m. (CDT) and arrive in Kansas City at 9:48 p.m. (CDT).

The source in this is, which tracks planes across the country. Rock Chalk Talk has acquired the tail number to the plane and tracked it down.

With A&M apparently ready for the jump to the SEC this could be good news for Kansas. At the same time this could mean anything.  It could mean they are meeting Mizzou officials, Kansas officials or something completely different.  I've got an eye on the flight plan so we'll see what if anything changes but takeoff is scheduled for 8 p.m.  It's going to be a wild week.

A wild week indeed. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Rock Chalk Talk for the tip.